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Expanding from our interior design space DECOculture Berlin, DECOrestaurant is a place that fuses our passion for exceptional food and design, to create a truly unique dining experience.

We are aiming for nothing less than the best for food and design enthusiasts alike.

Offering a remarkable combination of hand selected and crafted design pieces, symbiotically matched with locally and seasonally sourced produce.

As well as hosting guests in our restaurant, we also offer occasional catering .

Be quick, we can't serve everyone








Roasted portobello »

Roasted portobello stuffed with blue cheese, cranberries and black truffle topped with sourdough/thyme bread crumbs (4 UNITS) 14.00 €

Pumpkin with cranberry »

Pumpkin with cranberry and brie bites (4 UNITS) 13.00 €

Sweet potato with spinach »

Sweet potato with spinach, feta and artichoke bites (4 UNITS)
14.00 €

Black truffle potato gratin »

Black truffle potato gratin (2 UNITS)
12.50 €

Brussel sprouts »
Brussel sprouts with cranberry and parmesan salad
12.00 €
Stuffed and roasted goose »

Stuffed and roasted goose (5Kg)
80.00 €

Handmade organic Polish Dumplings »

Handmade organic Polish Dumplings with cotton cheese, potato, onion, vegetable bullion,
caramelised onion, chives (4UNITS)
11.00 €

Handmade organic Polish Dumplings with chicken liver, caramelised onion, beef bullion,
chives (4UNITS)
14.00 €

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Tel : + 49 30 55242349
Address: Gasteiner Strasse 11, 10717