Delicious brunch in Berlin is served by DECOrestaurant

The long-awaited weekend is finally here! Time to spend Saturday and Sunday in a nice, pleasant and lazy way. With friends, with loved ones, and even with four-legged friends (we are dog friendly). Laughing, enjoying the moments together, and eating delicious food. The DECOrestaurant is the perfect place for brunch in Berlin.

Brunch in Berlin over the weekend? DECOrestaurant is the place you are looking for

At DECOrestaurant we serve brunch every Saturday and Sunday, from 10:00 to 15:00. The menu was created by our talented chef Markus Melo Ley.

We choose the best quality ingredients. We make sure that they are seasonal and come from a trusted source. We have creat them basing on unique recipes. We take care of every detail. The ingredients in the brunch menu are perfectly matched. The taste and aroma of the dishes will surely make you want to come back here. Not only for brunch, but also for lunch or dinner.

What’s in the brunch menu at DECOrestaurant?

The brunch menu at DECOrestaurant offers delicious flavor suggestions that will help you get a good start to the weekend. Choose yourself what you want. We offer handmade sourdough bread, which you can order with selected toppings.

For a sweet brunch, go for homemade butter and marmalade. If you are in the mood for toast, choose one of the three options. The first includes labneh, roasted pear, fig jam, onion chutney and pine nuts. The second consists of activated charcoal hummus, avocado, coriander, chilli, lime, tomatoes and pine nuts. The third includes slow cooked tomato sauce with capers and black olives, labneh, parsley, fresh oregano and shallots.

If you’re looking for an alternative to sandwiches, you can also go for coconut yogurt with seasonal fruits, homemade granola, raspberry and cranberry sauce, mix nuts.

A brunch proposition for the undecided ones. Make your own brunch plate at DECOrestaurant

If you fancy a special brunch, use our “make your own plate” option and choose three ingredients from the following ones: truffle butter, spicy avocado toast, mix cheese, labneh, bio kalamata olives, hummus. We serve them with handmade sourdough bread.

We also offer interesting sides. From a mix of cheeses, through bio olives kalamata, beetroots, spinach with garlic, roasted baby potatoes, to hummus, labneh and truffle butter. Everyone who visits the DECOrestaurant will find something delicious for themselves for brunch in Berlin. We are waiting for you and your loved ones! Delicious brunch in Berlin is served by the DECOrestaurant