TasteTwelve Berlin 2022 – the best fine dining restaurants in Berlin

The TasteTwelve book is a special restaurant guide where you’ll find invitations to 12 fine dining restaurants in Berlin. This guide is something special because it tells you which restaurants you can feel like you are in the hands of the best chefs and the most interesting eateries in Berlin.

DECOrestaurant in TasteTwelve Berlin 2022 Guide

The 2022 edition of TasteTwelve book dedicated to Berlin restaurants also includes DECOrestaurant. We are honored and very happy about it! Every day we try to serve you unique dishes tailored to this distinction. We are glad that so many people appreciate the flavors and aromas served by our chef Markus Melo Ley. This is confirmed by your reviews.

What does TasteTwelve book give you?

When you buy a TasteTwelve book, you get an invitation to a DECOrestaurant for 2 people, valid until December 2022. You will spent the evening together, choose from the menu and at the end the amount of one main course (max 35 EUR) will be deducted. The second menu gets a discount of 50% (max 35 EUR). Do you want to become an owner of a guide book with invitation? Contact us!

What restaurants besides DECOrestaurant are in the TasteTwelve Berlin 2022 Guide?

We’re not the only ones in TasteTwelve book. In the culinary guide to the most interesting flavors of Berlin, you will also find restaurants such as: Aufwind Berlin, Beef 45, BRLO, Katz Orange, Ngon Berlin, Oh Panama, POTS, Bass Restaurant, Sagrantino 136, Tante Fichte Speiselokal, The NoName Berlin. We invite you to visit us and the other awarded.